Kari Lind Creations

Kari Burkholder. Based in Overland Park, KS, US.

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About Kari Lind Creations

Inspired by all things delicate and brings, Kari's designs portray her light and whimsy outlook on life. Intricate details and fun patterns create her modern fantasy world. Her love for animals and nature often comes through in her designs. Self-taught, this graphic artist continues to grow and develop her talents with each new work.

designs by Kari Lind Creations

favorite artists

  • kelli hall
  • Abby Munn
  • Sydney Newsom
  • Snow and Ivy


Jill Means on May 16 2011
Jill Means
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Thank you for your sweet comment! I'm flattered!

Tereza Šašinková Lukášová on May 15 2011
Tereza Šašinková Lukášová
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Thank you very much for your comment... I like your Happy Rain :-)