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julz nally. Based in Portland, OR, US.

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About Julz Nally

Julz Nally was born and raised in Texas. After earning her BFA in Graphic Design, she worked in the fields of design, advertising, & apparel design. Since becoming a mama in 2010, she realized that her true passion as an artist is found in illustration, teaching & gardening. Julz has devoted herself to painting daily in 2016, you can follow her progress on instagram. (@julznally) She is currently living out her dreams with her family in Portland, Oregon as a working illustrator.

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Missy Kaolin on Feb 22 2016
Missy Kaolin
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hi julz and thanks for the + feedback on Dr. Whooo. Your work is delightfully charming and playful - makes one happy! unny on ike is my favorite and it captures your spirit as shown in your designer profile! Best of luck...

Lisa Muhs on Feb 22 2016
Lisa Muhs
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Thank u Julz (cool name) for ur sweet comments esp on "Jar 'n Bottles!"

Christy Sheehan on Feb 20 2016
Christy Sheehan
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Hi Julz! Thanks so much for your like on my "Stag" :)

Sandy on Feb 20 2016

I love your color palette...bright as sunshine...full of joy and happiness

Hermien de la Mare on Feb 18 2016
Hermien de la Mare
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Thank you so much for liking my Colorful Scottie. It is much appreciated. Good luck to you!