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Julia Blake. Based in Mashpee, MA, US.

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About Julia Blake

Juila appreciates the aesthetic of classic, clean sophistication enhanced by unique details. Inspirations include typography, vintage design, and art from diverse periods and cultures. When not designing, she may be found baking, sewing, brushing up on her coding skills, or playing with her King Charles Spaniel, Willie.

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Anna CLASSEN on Feb 04 2017
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Hi Julia, thanks for the appreciation on my "all we ever hoped for"! Success with the challenge! Anna

Champagne Paper Co. on Feb 03 2017
Champagne Paper Co.
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Julie, thank you for your comments on my design! I always appreciate feedback – both positive and constructive! Don't be afraid to use fonts you like that aren't already minted-owned. You actually get a "bonus" if you introduce them to a font not currently on their list that they add to their line. Best of luck!