Jennifer Warren

Jennifer Warren. Based in San Antonio, TX, US.

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About Jennifer Warren

I love designing graphic art of all types. When I am not working at my two jobs you can find me doing art or enjoying time with my dog Ruger. I love designing art for others as well as myself.

favorite artists

  • Susan Moyal


Francois Carrara on Jan 17 2019
Francois Carrara
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Hi Jennifer, Thank you for your encouraging comment on my wedding challenge submission. Love your botanical illustrations!

Exclusively Yours Graphics on Dec 29 2018
Exclusively Yours Graphics
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Jennifer, Thank you for your suggestion of moving the corner flower. I did exactly that. Love your designs, good luck with all your challenges.

Mary Ann Glynn-Tusa on Sep 20 2018
Mary Ann Glynn-Tusa
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Jennifer, Thanks a bunch for the "Sweet Carousel" like! I love your work, best of luck in the challenge. ;-)

Bethany McDonald on Aug 04 2018
Bethany McDonald
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Thanks Jennifer for your comments on my "Ever After" save the date. I took your advice and moved the design up and got rid of the space at the top. Thanks so much for your advice, I think it does look better already! Best of luck to you!

Jennifer Holbrook on Jan 31 2018
Jennifer Holbrook
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Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for your like on my "Joyful Introduction" design!