Jennifer Jackson Lee

Jennifer Lee. Based in Colorado Springs, CO, US.

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About Jennifer Jackson Lee

I live on the Front Range in Colorado, right between the towering Rocky Mountains and the endless short grass prairie. So I am inspired by the high desert, vast plains, snow capped peaks, thick forests, red rocks, and God's awesome design. As an artist I like big, bold, modern shapes and soft pastel colors. I believe everything we need is right around us, and as an artist I try to find it and share.

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Me Amelia on Oct 19 2017
Me Amelia
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Hi Jennifer, Welcome to Minted, Thank you for liking my Moody Roses submission. Sorry so slow. Love your Poetic Blooms. Best of luck.

Carlita Brown Christian on Sep 07 2017
Carlita Brown Christian
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Hello Jennifer, thank you for liking my BW Single Hybrid Hibiscus Notebook! I enjoy your designs...lots of luck!