Jennifer Jakob

Jennifer Jakob. Based in Munich, DE, BY.

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About Jennifer Jakob

Hi, I’m Jen, an abstract artist in Munich. I’m a trained classical singer and found myself longing for another creative outlet after many years in the music business. I found inspiration in the limitless world of color and my outlet in painting and photography. Since embarking on this journey, I’ve found a new audience for my work and feel immensely honored to have my art collected throughout the USA, Canada, Switzerland, England and Germany.

designs by Jennifer Jakob

favorite artists

  • Karen Kardatzke


Laura Edria on Aug 27 2018
Laura Edria
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Thanks for the like! I LOVE all the colors in your work. Beautiful!

Jenny Partrite on Aug 23 2018
Jenny Partrite
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Hi Jen, Thank you! Your work is stunning, best of luck! ox Jenny

B.G. Riley on Aug 23 2018
B.G. Riley
  • Minted Aug 20, 2018
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Hi Jen! Thank you for liking my submission Girly Glam! Your work is beautiful. Good luck with the competition! - Brandy (B. Gibbs-Riley)

Hannah Lowe Corman on Aug 13 2018
Hannah Lowe Corman
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Hi Jen! Thank you for the like on my submission of Rainbow Sunset! Love love love your pieces. Good luck in the challenge <3 Hannah

Karen Kardatzke on Aug 13 2018
Karen Kardatzke
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Jen! Welcome to minted! So glad you’re giving it a try! Love your entries