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Jami Velez. Based in Ocala, FL, US.

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About Jami Gallaway

Jami learned the basics of graphic design while earning her Bachelors Degrees in Fashion Design and Merchandising. She went on to work in the fashion industry, but continued graphic design as a hobby. Since leaving her post in New York City, Jami splits her time between the United States and Colombia, gathering design inspiration every step of the way.

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Jennifer on Nov 18 2018

Jami, can I get your Warm Wishes Santa tag design in a card w/ envelope or postcard w/ photo image on back? Thanks!

Erin German Design on Sep 02 2018
Erin German Design
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Thank you so much for your kind comment on my design!

Kimberly Chow on Aug 27 2018
Kimberly Chow
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Hi Jami, Love your color palettes and the lettering styles on your save the date submissions. Good luck!

Kanika Mathur on Aug 27 2018
Kanika Mathur
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Hi Jami, thanks so much for the lovely complement on my Frangi design! Loving your fun and abstract designs! Good luck!

Kristiina Almy on May 15 2018
Kristiina Almy
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Hi Jami, Thanks for liking my Blow Out The Candles Kids' Birthday Party Invitation Challenge design! Best wishes to you!