Marleigh Miller

Marleigh Miller. Based in Tulsa, OK, US.

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About Marleigh Miller

It's likely that my love of art started before I was born (my mom trained as an artist before she joined the circus) and artistic pursuits were a big deal in our house. To support myself through college I took a job at a design firm; they offered me an apprenticeship and one thing led to another…that was fifteen years ago, and I haven't looked back. Most of the time, I am a homeschooling mom, homemaker and gardener-cook.

favorite artists

  • Cheer Up Press
  • Oscar & Emma
  • kelli hall
  • pottsdesign
  • Griffinbell Paper Co.
  • fatfatin


Deborah Chou on Sep 07 2017
Deborah Chou
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Thank you for the like! I appreciate it very much. All the best.

Faith Dorn on Sep 07 2017
Faith Dorn
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Thanks, Marleigh, for the like on "sixteen" appreciative. :)

Carol Fazio on Apr 06 2013
Carol Fazio
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hi marleigh, ha, ha, thanks for your comment on my big day! design! I was trying to come up with an interesting name and I was like, wait a second, minties have GREAT names! And there you have it! You've inspired a card!

Stacey Montgomery on Apr 04 2013
Stacey Montgomery
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Hi Marleigh. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful and detailed critique of my Supergirl invitation. I am definitely going to use your suggestions.