Hannah Chaussee

Hannah Chaussee. Based in San Francisco, CA, US.

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JaxRobyn on Nov 13 2013
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I updated my POP art design with some halftones and would love to hear your feedback. I didn't use the same O as the sculpture, but I know it's still very close. I can't find the exact font he used for the sculpture, but found one that's pretty close, i'll post a screenshot in the comments section, let me know what you think! http://www.minted.com/design-rating/122983

IJORERE The Invitation Inc on Nov 02 2013
IJORERE The Invitation Inc
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Thanks for your comments Hannah. I will refine my art a little more but the heaviness you express is intentional to showcase the artwork more than anything. African designs are meant to be BOLD yet beautiful. Definitely not a soft design, I agree :-)

Minted User on Oct 30 2013

Hannah I really like all your designs. I thought the library book one was very unique. Just like you!

Becky Nimoy on Oct 30 2013
Becky Nimoy
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thanks for your comment hannah. i did as you suggested and it looks much better! http://www.minted.com/design-rating/118359

Lori Wemple on Oct 30 2013
Lori Wemple
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thank you for the great comments - it's funny, you read my mind every time. that text has been bugging me too, but sometimes I fine I have to just walk away and see if I can figure it out later ;)

Lori Wemple on Oct 29 2013
Lori Wemple
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Thank you for the great sugg Hannah :)

Doug on Oct 29 2013

Great Designs!!