Hannah Zamora

Hannah Zamora. Based in Cebu, Cu, PH.

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About Hannah Zamora

I love the arts, the rain, photography, books, culture and stories, alpacas, gummy bananas and, I, actually can go on forever. I am advocate of Social Entrepreneurship / Enterprises and social change. My design work mostly revolve around the abstract and the minimal or combining both together.

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Nikita Jariwala on Sep 23 2018
Nikita Jariwala
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Thank you so much for liking my submission. Best wishes!

kartika paramita on Sep 23 2018
kartika paramita
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Hi Hannah, thank you for your like. All the best for you too :D

Lori Wemple on Jul 11 2018
Lori Wemple
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Your design is so lovely! Good luck to you, all the best! x :)

Teri Francis on Jul 06 2018
Teri Francis
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Hannah, thank you so much for the like on my "Happiest Winter Foliage Wreath." This is my first time submitting too, so I really appreciate the encouragement. I LOVE your "Beach Colored" New Year's card. The brush strokes fall perfectly in the right places, and the gray and gold colors are both festive and elegant. Best of luck in the challenge. Your work is lovely. Thanks again!

Benita Crandall on Jul 03 2018
Benita Crandall
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Thank you Hannah for the like of my design "Cheers2019'! Good luck in the challenges!