Hannah Lowe Corman

Hannah Lowe Corman. Based in New York, NY, US.

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About Hannah Lowe Corman

I'm a former corporate banker who's traded in the world of pencil skirts and twin sets (although you can never have enough cardigans!) for paint-splattered tees and yoga pants to pursue my love of art. I've painted and drawn for as long as I can remember, and I'm loving the process of making art as a living now.

favorite artists

  • Kamala Nahas
  • Lauren Nicole Co.


Brian Collins on Feb 08 2017
Brian Collins
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your paintings are so vibrant. They have a beautiful surreal quality to them. Wishing you all the best. Thanks for the likes.

Elisabeth Larson on Feb 06 2017
Elisabeth Larson
  • Minted Nov 2, 2016
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Hello Hannah, Thank you very much for liking my work. It means a lot to me as I am new to minted--so is very encouraging :) Really enjoy seeing your work, has a wonderful sense of atmosphere.

Rega on Feb 06 2017
  • Minted May 8, 2016
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Hi Hannah, Thank you so much for the likes on Cotton Candy&Joy Ride :) so much appreciated it.Wishing you all the best with your gorgeous paintings :)

Lisa McGarry on Feb 06 2017
Lisa McGarry
  • Minted Mar 17, 2016
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Thanks so much for your comments about my water photos, Hannah! What a wonderful collection of paintings your have submitted for the West Elm challenge - best of luck to you!

Amy Gray on Feb 06 2017
Amy Gray
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Yes! I quite agree we all need calmness and serenity and your work definitely exhibits that. That was so nice of you to say you like the diversity in my work! You are right I do have so many ideas and I don't always feel like painting the same way. I feel embarrassed though because I don't have my own "style" and I'm just all over the place. No rhyme or reason with me! Well best wishes I'll be looking for your name on the winners list!

Amy Gray on Feb 06 2017
Amy Gray
  • Minted Feb 22, 2012
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Hi Hannah! I absolutely LOVE your work. Winthrop was inspired by Winthrop, Massachusetts. I used to live in a little attic apartment right on the beach there. The light from a nearby lighthouse would flash through my living room window. It was such an awesome place. Are your pieces inspired by your travels?

Lauren Nicole Co. on Jan 31 2017
Lauren Nicole Co.
  • Minted Jan 29, 2017
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Thank you, Hannah!! Your paintings are beautiful. I love the expressive brushwork and faint familiarity in them!

Julia Devine on Jan 30 2017
Julia Devine
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Thank you, Hannah! Good luck with your submissions!

Amy Gray on Jan 28 2017
Amy Gray
  • Minted Feb 22, 2012
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Thanks for your comment. Your work is how I WISH I could paint! I love it.

Angela Thompson on Jan 24 2017
Angela Thompson
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Thanks for your nice message Hannah, your work is beautiful, I love your colors :)

Sarah Luna on Jan 24 2017
Sarah Luna
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Thanks so much for liking Indigo Feather, Hannah! I love the expressive quality of your work! Good luck in the Challenge... :)

Karen Kardatzke on Jan 23 2017
Karen Kardatzke
  • Minted Nov 1, 2015
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Hi Hannah - thanks for your recent likes on several of my entries. Very nice paintings you have entered - I especially like the stormy evening. Best of luck to you!

Heather Fuller on Jan 23 2017
Heather Fuller
  • Minted May 2, 2016
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To answer your question, what I usually do is when I get an email notification that someone liked my submission, I click on their name. I am also new, so there maybe an easier way! lol. Then for comments, there is a thank button below the comment, so that makes it easier to respond.

Smile Peace Love on Jan 23 2017
Smile Peace Love
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Thank you for your support on my entry. Your work is beautiful. !!!

Heather Fuller on Jan 23 2017
Heather Fuller
  • Minted May 2, 2016
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Thank you for the like on my abstract Bubbles! I like your paintings.

Robert Deem on Jun 27 2016
Robert Deem
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Hi Hannah, thank you so much for liking my entries. I really enjoy your paintings and hope the best for you in the challenges!