Hanke Arkenbout

Hanke Arkenbout. Based in Rotterdam, NL.

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About Hanke Arkenbout

Hi guys! I’m Hanke (1986), a film photographer living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands with my husband. I strive to create timeless images, I want my photos to be just as pretty in 30 years from now as they are today. Film photography suits me perfectly, I love that it puts me right in the moment and forces me to be on top of my game all the time, while at the same time it makes me slow down.

designs by Hanke Arkenbout

favorite artists

  • The Social Type
  • Cheer Up Press
  • Design Lotus
  • Paper Dahlia
  • Jack Knoebber
  • Olive and Jude


Guess What Design Studio on Aug 25 2012
Guess What Design Studio
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Hanke, thank you so much for your kind comment! I was looking for your entries in this challenge, but I didn't see any. I hope you submit some more entries in the future challenges - you have some really great work!! Thank you again, and hope to "see" you around! Cheers! :)

Mayel on Jan 30 2012
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Thank you for your comment. I just love how Minted brings designers from all over the world together. Good luck on you designs as well.

Smeeta Sharma on Jan 28 2012
Smeeta Sharma
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Hanke, I'm just loving your design for the Children's invitation comp!

Simply Shira on Jan 26 2012
Simply Shira
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Girl...you are working it out. I'm loving your Twin Birthday too!!! Awesome!! Thanks soooo much for the super sweet message. You my friend are going to do amazing with Minted...just keep being you!

Sarah Curry on Jan 26 2012
Sarah Curry
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Thank you for the nice comments, Hanke! :)

Simply Shira on Jan 25 2012
Simply Shira
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Hanke...First off, LOVE your name. I also love your work!! Thank you so much for the suggestions and comments on my Superhero Bash. I just updated the design and incorporated so much of what was shared. Fingers crossed I worked it out. I am so thankful for your time!!! By the way...welcome to Minted.