Gila von Meissner. Based in Hamburg, DE, US.

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Gila is an illustrator and designer living in Hamburg, Germany. A lot of her inspiration pops up when romping outside with her dog Jette, and she loves combining traditional watercolors with sketch work and digital details.

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Thank you so much for the like, Gila! :D

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Hi, I understand that almost all of the Valentine's puns being entered in the valentines contest are already out there and have been "done" by others too, but my valentine entries are my own designs. For example, There are several entries with "You rule" and a ruler… I am not the first person to use the Viking pun, wood pun, or hook pun- but I illustrated my designs myself. Just as I know that many people have illustrated an elephant being flown by a Hot air balloon before you, but your submission is your version of the concept. Thank you!