Bobbi Vinson. Based in Raleigh, NC, US.

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About frolic

Working from home in Raleigh, North Carolina, I am inspired by nature, architecture, and a shameless addiction to fonts. Frolic & Co. is a place to plan your next party or special occasion with a handmade touch. Designing cards just seemed like another logical step in this creative journey.

favorite artists

  • Susan Crispell
  • Kristin Muntean
  • Alison Jerry Designs
  • V E R Y M A R T A
  • lone lens photography
  • Annie Poissant


Kristin Muntean on Feb 11 2016
Kristin Muntean
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Thank you for the kind words Bobbi! I do love Modern Rainbow - colors are perfect!!

AmmandaCo on Feb 03 2016
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Thanks for the like! Your "Navy Logo Stamp" is a favorite of mine!:)

Annie Poissant on Feb 02 2016
Annie Poissant
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Thanks Frolic for the "like" on my design A Gem in a tree. I really appreciate it, especially since it is my second challenge. I love your work. Great sense of composition.

Mayreni Falcon on Jan 31 2016
Mayreni Falcon
  • Minted Jan 27, 2016
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Thank you for your like! Mean a lot to me! Love your work and way you capture every little angel in your own special way. My Favorite is Oliver.

Cavell Ferguson on Jan 17 2016
Cavell Ferguson
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Thank you Bobbi for your like, your work is lovely, especially like the design called Riley June.