FARIDA ZAMAN. Based in Toronto, On, CA.

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Farida Zaman is a Toronto based painter and illustrator known for her upbeat, lively, colourful, and whimsical style. Farida displays a wide versatility of applications of her style. her art has been used in posters, book covers, children's book illustrations, corporate projects, food packaging as well as licensing her images on giftware products. clothing, packaging, and giftware. Zaman's paintings are primarily in acrylics, often mixing in elements of collage in to her art.

designs by FARIDA ZAMAN

favorite artists

  • Mackenzie Darrach
  • Victoria Bilsborough
  • Darcy Sang


Anna CLASSEN on Feb 07 2017
  • Minted Jan 30, 2017
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Hi Farida, thanks for your like on my "What goes round" flower wreath. I love your colorful style, all the best to you for the challenge! Anna

Courtney Crane on Feb 05 2017
Courtney Crane
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Hi Farida, Your florals keep catchiing my eye! So fun! Good luck with the challenge! - Courtney

Lisa Travis on Jan 25 2017
Lisa Travis
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Farida, hello and thank you for the like on my West Elm entry "Nostalgia". I love the vibrancy of your work, particularly the floral still lives. Best of luck with the challenge!