Erin England

Erin Manuel. Based in KS, US.

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About Erin England

Erin England is a designer with the belief that art doesn't have to include every possible shape, color, and effect. Sometimes, less is more. Creating works with aesthetic flow and simplicity, Erin's passion lies in the white space of design. Erin takes inspiration from the colors and spaces around her and has a soft spot for architecture and oil paintings--old and new. She is a self-taught, part-time freelance artist who is working on moving into full-time design.

designs by Erin England

favorite artists

  • Cheer Up Press
  • Frooted Design
  • Snow and Ivy
  • Alethea and Ruth
  • Carolyn MacLaren
  • Diana Steinsnyder


Kistin Creative Studio on Oct 09 2013
Kistin Creative Studio
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Thanks so much for your design suggestions. Working on them now... :)

Jazmin B. Marquez on Sep 28 2013
Jazmin B. Marquez
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Thank you very much for the advice on the my design. It helped me so much. Thanks again. :)