Emily Henning

Emily Henning. Based in San Diego, CA, US.

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About Emily Henning

With an nod to our coastal roots, Seaside Creative brings a style of effortless sophistication and simplicity. From a tiny apartment on the beach in San Diego, Emily Henning fell in love with matching beautiful fonts with color palettes and design elements to bring brands to life. A love of entertaining and home decor led to a creation of a new division of the Seaside Creative brand, with our personal line.

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Jackie Crawford on Feb 04 2017
Jackie Crawford
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HI Emily, thanks for your feedback on my Nursery Stripes submission. you were right-- it was off a bit, so I fixed the frame. Thanks for all your help! Best of luck in the challenge :)

Susan Brown on Feb 27 2016
Susan Brown
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HI Emily, Thanks for the feedback on "scripted." I just updated if you have time to look. http://www.minted.com/design-rating/546216