Elliot Stokes

Elliot Stokes. Based in Brooklyn, NY, US.

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  • Minted on Aug 30 2014
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Jenny Penny on Oct 05 2018
Jenny Penny
  • Minted Mar 16, 2016
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Elliot your work is absolutely fantastic! So much personality and such a great style. I love all of your submissions. Best of luck and hope to see some of your pieces at Pottery Barn soon!

Mariecor Agravante on Dec 06 2017
Mariecor Agravante
  • Minted Jun 7, 2015
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Hi, Elliot -- just dropping by to ask -- if your time permits this holiday season -- will you please submit some of your works to the Large Format Art Challenge? I think it would be a great venue to showcase them. I remember the ones I liked seeing for West Elm, and I'm hoping you can produce some new ones for the Large Format Art challenge :) Thanks, from one of your art fans :)