Ellen Lambrichts

Ellen Lambrichts. Based in Antwerp, An, BE.

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Nastya on Oct 17 2016

Thank you Ellen for liking my entry. Your designs are lovely, good luck:)

Benita Crandall on Aug 29 2016
Benita Crandall
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Thank you so much Ellen for the like! You have some beautiful art work, love the vivid colors!

Rega on Aug 23 2016
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Hi ( again:) Ellen, oops sorry it was my mistake typing your name ! Thank you so much for feedback on my 'your flowers' I already fixed the letters smaller and I'm happy with the result. For your question about the file from photoshop is color off when you move to Illustrator, I 'm not sure you change color mode by go to File > Document Color Mode > RGB. That will make the files are more vibrant.Good Luck !

Rega on Aug 22 2016
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Hi Allen, Thank you so much for the comment on my Deer Christmas poll :) Your art is so fantastic ! Good luck for the challenge :)

jeanne smith on Aug 22 2016
jeanne smith
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hi ellen... thanks so much for your input on my "...dotted" design ...i have now started a poll on which personalization works best....good luck to you in this design challenge:)

Ellen Lambrichts on Jul 18 2016
Ellen Lambrichts
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Hi Robert, it was my turn to google Winslow Homer, because I only knew his name vaguely. I can see some influence from Friedrich and Monet there, both great artists I think. Nice paintings of the sea indeed :-) Enjoy your trip to Amsterdam and Belgium!

Robert Deem on Jul 15 2016
Robert Deem
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Hi Ellen, I confess I had to google Mankes and Saedeleer and was puzzled at your referencing these two artists until I realized you lived in Antwerp. I am honored by your comparison thank you very much! I have been planning a trip to Amsterdam to explore the works of the St. Luke's Guilds painters and likely will visit the major guild cities of Belgium as well. And now it's my turn to drop a name. When I look at Wildwaves I think of the works of Winslow Homer. While his style is certainly more realist, his seascapes are no less wild.