Egg City Arts

Hilary Mosberg. Based in Petaluma, CA, US.

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About Egg City Arts

Hilary loves to look at the world and interpret what she sees as art, design and illustration. Egg City Arts is her design studio and on-line gallery in Petaluma, CA, once the egg capital of the world.

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campbell and co. on May 31 2011
campbell and co.
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yay hilary & welcome! honored to be the 1st commenter :) this is our 3rd challenge (would be 4th but we sat out last time due to busy sched).. so it's still fresh how great it was to get our 1st comment too! the nice thing abt minted is all comments/sugg are positive & constructive & help a lot to know wgat's working. look fwd to seeing more from egg city! :)