Easter Kim. Based in San Francisco, CA, US.

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Courtney Crane on Oct 13 2015
Courtney Crane
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Hi Easter, Thanks for letting me know I had more than 4 colors on my submission...I knew that was a requirement. I think I just had a brain glitch with that submission. Have a great day! Courtney

cr8explore on Oct 12 2015
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Dear Easter, Thank you for reaching out and alerting me on the number of colors. To reconfirm, out of the 4 designs I submitted, only Teamwork seems to have more than 4 colors. Please could you have a look at all my submissions and highlight. Double Happiness is just black, white, grey and tinge of blue. It depicts the deep ocean .... :) I will try my best to fix Teamwork ... but if there is anything else I am missing out, your guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you, Vinita