Debra Bianculli

Debra Bianculli. Based in Los Angeles, CA, US.

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About Debra Bianculli

I am in love with all things color and pattern, and my desire to create is fueled by finding new and interesting combinations of the two. Flowers, fashion, textiles, plants, food and botany are just a few places I find my inspiration. Follow me on instagram at

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  • Alston Wise


Ellie.dapper on Jul 12 2014
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Hello Debra! Thank you so much for your kind comment! :)

Betty Hatchett on Jul 08 2014
Betty Hatchett
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Hey Debra! I hope I didn't go over board in giving my opinion...and I just realized how last minute it was before the close of the competition. I'm sorry about that. Your zebra is so so adorable and I just looked through your other, what a talented painter you are!

GeekInk Design on Jul 01 2014
GeekInk Design
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Hey Debra! It was nice meeting you! Don't be afraid to ask for advice from any of the designers if you're feeling stuck. Everyone is more than willing to help! :)