Debra Stevenson

Debra Stevenson. Based in Kaysville, UT, US.

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About Debra Stevenson

I am blessed to be able to live in Fruit Heights, Utah. It is avery diverse state with scenes of barns and farmland to desert and red rocks. It has beautiful lakes and rivers and outstanding mountains and snow scenes. These are just a few of my images that I have captured and have many more on my website Blissful Canvas. I am a mother of five beautiful children and 8 even more beautiful grandchildren.

favorite artists

  • Amy Stevenson Wilson


eva jones on Feb 06 2017
eva jones
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Thank you for liking "having heart"...much appreciated..all the best in the challenge!

Robert Deem on Feb 06 2017
Robert Deem
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Hi Debra, you're a good sport putting up with my sense of humor at your expense especially since you're new to the Minted community - welcome! In spite of that, you still sent me a "like" and I appreciate that. You have a wonderful assortment of paintings and photographs I particularly enjoy "Creation" and "Midnight Blue". Best wishes to you and good luck with the WE5 challenge! -Robert

Me Amelia on Feb 05 2017
Me Amelia
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Hi Debra, Welcome to Minted. Thank you very much for the like on my work, it is much appreciated. Best in the challenge. Your Field of Dreams is lovely.

Lisa Travis on Feb 05 2017
Lisa Travis
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Debra, thank you so much fro the like on my WE entry. Welcome to Minted and best of luck to you in the challenge!

Courtney Crane on Feb 04 2017
Courtney Crane
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Hi Debra, Welcome to Minted. Thank you for the like on Tropical Color. You have some beautiful entries! Best of luck! - Courtney

Alison Jerry Designs on Feb 04 2017
Alison Jerry Designs
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Hello debra! Thank you for the likes on my new work! Your work is so beautiful, All the best, Alison

Sarah Luna on Feb 03 2017
Sarah Luna
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Thank you Debra for your likes...I really appreciate it! I love how connected to nature your work is. Good luck and happy creating!!

Mary Ann Glynn-Tusa on Feb 03 2017
Mary Ann Glynn-Tusa
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Debra, Thanks so very much for the "like". Your work is lovely! Best of luck in the challenge. ;-)

Elky Ink on Feb 03 2017
Elky Ink
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Hi Debra! Thank you very much for the like. I love your work! Good luck.

Lisa Mann on Feb 02 2017
Lisa Mann
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Hi Debra-Thanks so much for the like. Your work is lovely! good luck to you:)

Yuke Li on Feb 02 2017
Yuke Li
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Hello Debra! Thanks so much for your like on "My Universe". Your works are gorgeous!! All the best to you!