Cindy Reynolds

Cindy Reynolds. Based in Athens, GA, US.

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About Cindy Reynolds

I am a designer, artist, small business owner, and mom living in Athens, GA. I've been creating art for as long as I can remember, studied art and design in college, and even went on to teach the history of design at a college level. After working in graphic design and advertising since 2003, I started to feel the need to create something with my own two hands again. So, I did.

favorite artists

  • Laura Hankins
  • Frooted Design
  • Lindsay Megahed
  • Lori Wemple
  • Liz Conley
  • Itsy Belle Studio


Lea Delaveris on Jun 07 2018
Lea Delaveris
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No problem! I hope someone would do the same for me! :) Sometimes you're too close to see it!

Basil Design Studio on Jun 07 2018
Basil Design Studio
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p.s. YOUR website is really great! Very pretty colors and easy to navigate. :)

Basil Design Studio on Jun 07 2018
Basil Design Studio
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Thanks for the nice words, Cindy! Your work is beautiful too! And, gah, you visited my website - the never ending pain in my side. I started the year determined to get a new one and it is where it is...incomplete but better than the original. LOL. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck in this and all of the challenges. Cheers!

Loren on May 15 2018
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Thanks so much for the like, Cindy. Your work is beautiful! All the best in the challenge!

Jennifer Holbrook on Mar 12 2018
Jennifer Holbrook
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Hi Cindy, thanks so much for your like on my Happy Birthday Hootenanny card! I appreciate it very much. I love your mermaid card. Best wishes in the challenges.

Aspa Gika on Feb 10 2018
Aspa Gika
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Hi Cindy! Welcome to Minted!!! Thanks so much for the like on my "Dance of the pomegranates" entry! Good luck with all the challenges :-)

Tatiana Nogueiras on Jan 28 2018
Tatiana Nogueiras
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Hi Cindy! Welcome to Minted! Thank you for the nice comment and suggestion. I really appreciate it. I've created a poll with the option you suggested and I love it!

Oma N. Ramkhelawan on Jan 26 2018
Oma N. Ramkhelawan
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Hi Cindy, you're welcome! Don't ever hesitate to ask for advice or just pop over to my page to just say hello! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Amy Hall on Jan 14 2018
Amy Hall
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Thank you for the likes! Best of luck with your submission:-)