Colleen Tracey

Colleen Tracey. Based in Chicago, IL, US.

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About Colleen Tracey

As an independent designer, Colleen combines her design background and love of letters to craft unique art and stationery for Minted. Only the promise of craft cocktails or dim sum can lure her away from her design addiction.

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Hannah Williams on Mar 14 2016
Hannah Williams
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Thank you so much, Colleen, you are right about your comment on my boot invitation! Going to make the change now!

Lori Wemple on Sep 29 2015
Lori Wemple
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Thank you so much for the helpful comment Colleen! You know how you know something isn't right but just can't put your finger on it? Something was bugging me but I couldn't figure it out, and that helped so much! I love your holiday cards, they are all so lovely! Best, L

Sandra Picco Design on Aug 06 2015
Sandra Picco Design
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Hi Colleen! Thanks for your comment and welcome to Minted! The work on your site is beautiful.

Julia Devine on Jun 10 2015
Julia Devine
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Thank you for your comment, Colleen! :) I'm glad my painting is spreading happiness!