Christy Vance

Christy Vance. Based in Indianapolis, IN, US.

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About Christy Vance

I am an elementary art teacher, and have always liked playing around in Photoshop. I recently had a baby and designed my birth annoucements. Since then, I've done a few more for others. I found minted's design challenge and thought, "Why not?" So, I am new at this, and ready to learn!

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Sydney Newsom on Jun 03 2010
Sydney Newsom
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Thanks so much, Christy. Yes, for my recent hand-lettered designs, I use pen and a sketch pad, then scan and trace using Illustrator.

Dish and Spoon on Nov 16 2009
Dish and Spoon
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Hi Christy-- Thank you for the compliment. I do create my own graphics in Adobe Illustrator. It is a great program. Best of luck. Carrie

Karen Glenn on Oct 07 2009
Karen Glenn
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Hi Christy :) Welcome! And thank you for the compliments. I'm pretty new to this, too. I create my designs in Adobe Illustrator. I am learning a lot as I muddle along ;) Good luck! karen

Laurel-Dawn Latshaw on Oct 06 2009
Laurel-Dawn Latshaw
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Hi Christy- Thank you so much for the compliments! I make a lot of my images in Adobe Illustrator. I also really love taking old public domain clip art and adding to it to make it my own. Thanks again!