Christina Loff

Christina Loff. Based in San Francisco, CA, US.

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About Christina Loff

I work on the Artist Relations team at Minted. I'm focused on outreach and onboarding and love to help new artists navigate Minted. I'm also an artist and you may see me submitting to some challenges too! Find me on instagram, twitter, and everywhere else online at @tweetsweet.

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favorite artists

  • JPress Designs
  • Design Lotus
  • Marabou Design
  • Moglea
  • Kelly Nasuta
  • Lady Noble


Deborah Chou on Jul 02 2016
Deborah Chou
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Christina, thanks so much for the like. Positive feedback is wonderful. Best of luck to you in the challenges!

Neeta Sawhney on Jul 01 2016
Neeta Sawhney
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thanks so much for the like it was so nice to see you take care and have a wonderful weekend

Robert Deem on Jun 17 2016
Robert Deem
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Thank you Christina for liking my entry "Tin Shack and Tobacco". I'm glad you're not prohibited from entering the challenges as a Minted employee. Best of luck to you in both your Minted role in Artist Relations and of course with the challenges!

Jackie Crawford on Jun 02 2016
Jackie Crawford
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Hi Christina, thank you so much for your like on my From Our State to Yours entry, it made my day :) Minted has been such a wonderful adventure, I'm having a great time painting and creating. Have a great weekend!

Corinne Aelbers on Feb 08 2016
Corinne Aelbers
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Christina, Thanks for liking my Butterfly in Flight entry. Artist Relations for Minted sounds like an interesting job. Good luck on your entries in the challenges.

Julie Denning on Feb 08 2016
Julie Denning
  • Minted Feb 5, 2016
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Thank you so much for the like Christina! I am new to Minted and it made my day!