Christie Elise

Christie Elise. Based in Melbourne, VI, AU.

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About Christie Elise

Hi I'm Christie! I draw, paint and create using water colour and ink for print, stationery and surface design. I've spent the past 6+ years working within the stationery industry creating greeting cards, invitations, and gift wrap in-house for varying companies. I now work independently as a freelance illustrator for surface and stationery design from my home studio in the lush Dandenong Ranges, Australia. When I'm not designing I love getting out in nature!

favorite artists

  • Cheer Up Press
  • annie clark
  • Oscar & Emma
  • Paper Dahlia
  • Moglea
  • Wildfield Paper Co.


Sadie Holden on Nov 10 2018
Sadie Holden
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Hi Christie, thank you so much for your kind words on my submission! Your work is so beautiful! All the best to you! xo Sadie

Von Sides on Nov 09 2018
Von Sides
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Christie, Thanks for giving me a ' hand ' with my forest submissions! Appreciate the likes and the kind comments. All the best, Von

Ayna Paisley on Nov 09 2018
Ayna Paisley
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Thank you for your kind comment Christie! Best of luck to your beautiful designs!

Von Sides on Nov 08 2018
Von Sides
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Hey Christie, When you have a chance take a look at my reworked "Forest Feels" and "Forest Embrace". No hands! Thanks, Von

Paper Sun Studio on Mar 12 2018
Paper Sun Studio
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Christie, I just love your cards. Wow, love the style! Welcome to Minted!!