Charis DeRemer. Based in Honolulu, HI, US.

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About Charis

I love all things art and design! Like a typical child of the 80s, my love for creating beautiful visuals started with a love of Disney and animation art. I got my BFA in Illustration from Art Center in Pasadena, CA, and now I get to draw and paint for a living as an graphic artist, fine artist, and (sometimes) art teacher. I have been increasingly interested in fashion illustration lately and hope to turn that, and all my other artsy fartsy passions, into some swanky new designs here on Minted!

favorite artists

  • Guess What Design Studio
  • Laura Hankins
  • kelli hall
  • Paige Rothhaar
  • Four Wet Feet Studio
  • Melissa Kelman


Qing Ji on Feb 09 2015
Qing Ji
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Hi, Charis, thank you for the likes. Your art works are very unique and beautiful. I look forward to seeing more of your work! :)

Neeta Sawhney on Nov 05 2013
Neeta Sawhney
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Hi Charis thanks for the like for both photographs Sunset moment and Bliss. Welcome to minted all the best for the challenge too.

Kim Dietrich Elam on Apr 23 2013
Kim Dietrich Elam
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Thanks! :)

Kim Dietrich Elam on Apr 23 2013
Kim Dietrich Elam
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Thanks for your kind comments, Charis - they made my day! :) My website is so outdated, it's embarrassing! ;) Best of luck with Minted, and enjoy that little one!

Kim Dietrich Elam on Apr 04 2013
Kim Dietrich Elam
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Hey, Charis - I was checking out your website, and just wanted to say your work is great! I especially love Face It and the ladies profile to the right of Face It in your 2007 work - I love minimal! Your lines are so perfect and really stand out in those. Can't wait to see what you submit next! Best of luck to you here at Minted. :)

Guess What Design Studio on Mar 10 2013
Guess What Design Studio
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Hi Charis! A meet-up sounds super fun - Let me know when you guys are getting together!! I've never been to the Haleiwa Art Festival - maybe I'll stop by and check that out, too. Sounds cool! Well, let's keep in touch until then, and we can figure out the where and when as the summer draws nearer. Here's my email address: I'll be looking forward to meeting you and Sarah!! Take care, and talk soon!! :)

hapamapa on Feb 22 2012
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Hi Charis, thanks for finding me! It was great meeting you the other day, and I agree we should have an unofficial meetup again soon. Your artwork is gorgeous! Good luck in the challenges!

Allison Richardson on Feb 22 2012
Allison Richardson
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Hi Charis - I'm so glad we got to meet as well, AND we're practically neighbors! Let's definitely get together soon - my email is Have a great week and good luck in the upcoming challenges!

Laura Hankins on Feb 21 2012
Laura Hankins
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Yay, found ya! It was so nice meeting you yesterday- I'm bummed that we're leaving so soon now that there's such a good little Minted community here! You have beautiful work- makes me want to dig out some paint brushes :) If you haven't already, check out the Honolulu Academy Art center- they have an awesome series of adult art classes. I took their screen printing class one semester- it definitely had me missing that studio setting. Best of luck in the upcoming challenges, if you ever have questions etc my email is :)

Britt Clendenen on Jan 14 2012
Britt Clendenen
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Thanks so much for your sweet comment on Fish Upon a Star Charis! I absolutely love your Twilight Swans—it's so expressive and dreamy :) Happy New Year!