Celene Mendez

Celene Mendez. Based in Inglewood, CA, US.

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Grace Kreinbrink on Mar 13 2015
Grace Kreinbrink
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Hello,Thank you for the kind message about my work. I would be happy to provide you with feedback any time just pop over to my page and ask! If I were to make any suggestions for you on future designs it would be to ensure that text is a bit easier to read by using simple fonts with high contrast to their backgrounds. If you would ever like more specific input feel free to ask. Best of luck-Grace

Maja Skenderovic on Mar 13 2015
Maja Skenderovic
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Hi ! Thank you for your comments ! I made some changes and now i made text little bit different ! Once again thank you for your big help !

Christina Novak on Mar 12 2015
Christina Novak
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Hi, Welcome to minted! I have been on minted since 2011 and I have grown so much. This is such a great place to learn and grow. Out of your three I love the circus invite. The only thing I would say is make sure your type is readable/legible. The backgrounds and the illustrations you have are nice. I would just make the type bigger/bolder and maybe pic out the most important info and omit the rest. If I have entrees that don't make the cut I save them and try to repurpose them again. Sometimes I realize things I want to change with a design after some time away from it. Thanks for contacting me and writing your sweet comments about my work! Minted has a facebook community page where people post all the latest minted news. Its a good place to also learn new things that are happening. I hope you enjoy your time on minted!

Griffinbell Paper Co. on Mar 12 2015
Griffinbell Paper Co.
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Hi Carol. Welcome to the community! I love the boldness of your Circus submission. Here are some general things to keep in mind for your submissions. Keep thing simple and clean. I would try using some classic fonts like adobe garamond, bodoni egyptian, adobe caslon and futura. Make sure that you have plenty of contrast between your type and it's background. Hope that helps. Good luck! Be sure to come to the next L.A. Mintie meet-up.

Celene Mendez on Mar 12 2015
Celene Mendez
  • Minted Feb 22, 2012
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You're welcome! I will definitely check your revisions. Please rate my designs from the You're Invited! Quickfire Children's Birthday Party Challenge, I'd love to get some feedback. Thank you and good luck :-)

Maja Skenderovic on Mar 12 2015
Maja Skenderovic
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Hi, Celene ! Thank you for your great comment ! Please be kind to come back and see is it better now ?