Anna Stout-Tuckwiller

anna stouttuckwiller. Based in Lewisburg, WV, US.

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About Anna Stout-Tuckwiller

Anna Stout-Tuckwiller is a painter and designer native to West Virginia. Her work generally involves bright primary colors and is often made with the intention of creating repeating patterns for fabric, wallpaper, and other surface pattern items. You can find her on Instagram at @b.woolfstudios or via e-mail at

designs by Anna Stout-Tuckwiller

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  • Jennifer Allevato
  • Anna Stout-Tuckwiller


Lea Delaveris on Mar 12 2018
Lea Delaveris
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Hi Anna! I just saw you're in WV! I was born and raised in Clarksburg and my family is still there :)