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Amy Stafford. Based in Berlin, Be, DE.

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About Blixa 6 Studios

Amy Stafford, principal of Studio Blixa 6, is an award winning designer, multidisciplinary creative and identity development consultant originally from Seattle but now based in Berlin Germany. In addition to graphic design and brand strategy consulting, Amy's artistic work has been exhibited in Europe and the US. She teaches at various art & design colleges and lectures on the topics of brand storytelling, art & design to academic, creative and business communities.

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favorite artists

  • annie clark
  • Design Lotus
  • Oscar & Emma
  • Moglea


Inkblot Paper on Dec 03 2012
Inkblot Paper
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Hi Amy! Thank you so very much for the lovely comments! I LOVE your Free Hand Frame, it is one of my favorite holiday cards on minted :) I am just happy that by board helped the sales! I just had fun creating the inspiration board, it was so easy with such a fabulous design! :) - Megan

Britt Clendenen on Nov 21 2011
Britt Clendenen
  • Minted Oct 24, 2011
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Thanks so much for your compliment Amy :) I was perusing your work and love your illustrations/playful designs!

Carol Fazio on Oct 28 2011
Carol Fazio
  • Minted Jun 23, 2011
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Hi Amy, thank you for your sweet comment on my Natural Sophisticates design! You have a great style and I appreciate your feedback. Vielen dank!

Sandra Picco Design on Sep 05 2011
Sandra Picco Design
  • Minted Sep 16, 2010
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Thanks for your feedback, Amy! Your designs are of luck in this one.

Maria Gromek on Aug 17 2011
Maria Gromek
  • Minted May 23, 2011
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Thank you so much for your comments at "waiting for the rainy days" and "choreography"! Ha, I love Berlin in winter, it's been awesome to hear my picture reminded you of it... :)

Farrel on Jul 27 2011

Amy, Your designs have clarity from the heart and your creative sole. You are a shining star in the design world. Farrel

Guess What Design Studio on Jul 15 2011
Guess What Design Studio
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Hi Amy! Thank you so much for you sweet comments on my "have a blast" design! I really enjoy your beautiful and unique designs, and I think you're so talented! Thanks again! :)