Barbara Lundberg

Barbara Lundberg. Based in Smithfield, UT, US.

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  • Minted on Jun 01 2012

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Amber Barkley on Jun 18 2012
Amber Barkley
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Thanks for the note, Barbara, and welcome to Minted! I had a chance to look over your designs, and I think you're off to a great start. If I have any general tips, they would be to keep the design simple, work on refining your type treatments, and keep practicing. Also, I agree with Betta. Don't be afraid to look at the designs already available for purchase on the website. I think it will inspire you to experiment a little bit more, and it gives you some insight into what Minted customers are looking for in a design... I hope that helps, and good luck! :) P.S. I love your abominable snowman illustration. It's adorable!

Betta on Jun 16 2012
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I've found window shopping on minted very helpful in designing for minted customers. Chosen designs are quite customizable; minted will take special design requests if customers are not able to customize a card for sale through the available options. So in the case of Winter Salute, the "Season's Greetings" graphic isn't limited to being in the center of the card. Having said that, I'm prepared to get the news that Winter Salute isn't chosen. With 2400+ entries, the competition is stiff, however, I'm not discouraged. For me, participating in minted challenges has broadened my design horizons. It's like taking a course in stationery design, but without the tuition! I wish you the best in this challenge and upcoming ones.

That Girl Press on Jun 16 2012
That Girl Press
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Welcome to Minted Barbara! And thank you for your kind note! I like Sprinkle Happiness too even though the first time I tried it no else did and they might not like it this go round either! It's always a little daunting that first creative step but as with anything...practice and genuine love for what you do is the key. Practice will eventually make perfect and the passion you have for what you love will keep you coming back for more. You've already taken the biggest step and that's putting yourself out there. The more you design the better you will get and the more refined your work will become. It'll all come together just keep at it.

Ann Gardner on Jun 16 2012
Ann Gardner
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Hi Barbara, welcome to Minted! And thank you for your kind note! I think you should apply your decorator "rules" to your card designs. After all, they're both creative outlets. If your interior design aesthetic is shabby chic or modern, I'd go that route in your designs. Or if there are some principles you work by, like taking one thing out after you think you're done with a room, I'd apply that to your designs. Does that make sense? And don't be put off if at first you seem to be stuck. The more you design, the better you'll get. And you're off to a good start. I'd say just keep pushing yourself and try new things. You'll find you're own personal groove.