Ashton Rynearson

Ashton R. Based in Huntertown, IN, US.

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About Ashton Rynearson

I'm self-taught with a fresh perspective on artwork. I create hand-drawn designs for modern families that want playful, yet sophisticated art hanging on their walls and in frames for their shelfies!

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Leah Bisch on Aug 11 2017
Leah Bisch
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Thanks for your comment Ashton! I work mostly on my ipad for my lettering/illustrations—some images I leave as raster and others I convert to vector either by using the live trace feature in illustrator or I'll redraw my design with the pen tool if I want a really smooth/clean look. Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

Katharine Watson on Aug 03 2017
Katharine Watson
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Hi Ashton, it's done with pen on paper that I scan in! Thanks for the comment!

Aubrey Troutman on Jul 21 2017
Aubrey Troutman
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Hey Ashton! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my "King" illustration. It was actually a Sharpie sketch that I digitalized! I'll definitely give your suggestion a try. Good feedback is always appreciated.