Laura van Swol

Laura Kathleen. Based in {"City":"Baltimore", MD, US.

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About Laura van Swol

Hi! I'm Laura Kathleen, an artist and a mom to a little boy who fills my world with sunshine. My art is exceedingly colorful and imaginative. My favorite thing about art-making is that it allows me to discover new possibilities. I hope that my art makes minds wander about happy things and keeps people dreaming. If not, hopefully at least the pretty colors and whimsical creations make them smile. :)

favorite artists

  • Emily Gill
  • Holly Royval


Jennifer Holbrook on Aug 30 2017
Jennifer Holbrook
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Hi Laura, thanks so much for your like on my "Frog and Turtle" notes! I appreciate your support. Best wishes in the challenge.

Carol Fazio on Jul 24 2017
Carol Fazio
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Hi Laura! Thanks so much for stopping by my Gifts from My Garden entry. I appreciate the LUV! Good luck in the PB challenge! Loving all your entries, especially Bundle of Joy - so vibrant and colorful!

Neeta Sawhney on Jul 23 2017
Neeta Sawhney
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thanks for such a nice comment you put all the best to you on the challenges as well.

Leah Nadeau on Jul 23 2017
Leah Nadeau
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Hi Laura thanks for your comment on my print Fiesta!

Michelle Bradford on Sep 02 2015
Michelle Bradford
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Laura, Thank you for your like on Daydreaming. Your paintings are so beautiful and joyful! You've got a great sense of color --I especially love Mix It Up. Best of luck to you in the challenge!

Me Amelia on Aug 01 2015
Me Amelia
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Hi Laura, Welcome to Minted, good luck in the challenge. Your pieces are so colorful and whimsical. :-) Thank you for your like and kind comments, it is much appreciated.