Aristotle Saliva-Sclank

based in Berkeley, CA, US.

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About Aristotle Saliva-Sclank

Hi all, I am a world traveler and photographer enthusiast. Beyond photography, I interior design, polish DIY projects, watch countless documentaries, and read plenty of books. I hope you enjoy the moments I have captured and would love any feedback you have for my work!

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Sarah Johnson on Aug 02 2016
Sarah Johnson
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Aristotle--thank you for the kind comment on my submission. Your urbanscapes are wonderful! Best wishes to you in the challenge :)

Bethania Lima on Jul 24 2016
Bethania Lima
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Hi Aristotle. Thank you for the like on "Safe Place". Good luck in this challenge too!

Jenny on Jul 21 2016

Very Nice

Mimi on Jul 21 2016

Amazing Ari! Love them all!

Mark on Jul 20 2016

Those are amazing. I want European Crossroads.

Emmanuel on Jul 20 2016

Those are exceptional photographs!

Kirsten on Jul 20 2016

Amazing photos Sir Ari!

Melody on Jul 20 2016

Lovely photos, Ari :)

Joshua on Jul 20 2016

mind blowing Ari!

Shani on Jul 19 2016

Nice photos Ari!! You have a great eye!! You are going places!

Megan on Jul 19 2016

Nice photos Ari!! You have a great eye!! Keep it up