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based in Lincoln, NE, US.

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About arbor corner studio

Hello, my name is Johanna. I am the owner of arbor corner studio, a boutique design and letterpress studio. I am passionate about design (especially nice type) and I LOVE stationery of all sorts! Nature, antiques, textiles and wood type inspire me. I also enjoy printing with my 100+ year old letterpress, Ruby.

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  • Courtnie Johnson


peony papeterie on May 26 2013
peony papeterie
  • Minted Jul 24, 2012
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Thank you! I wasn't able to find you cause your name's not on here. You have some pretty sweet designs too! Hopefully you'll get some more time soon to submit more designs!

Courtnie Johnson on May 30 2012
Courtnie Johnson
  • Minted Sep 29, 2010
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Love your latest design! Beautiful and unique!

Shari Margolin on Nov 01 2011
Shari Margolin
  • Minted Nov 28, 2010
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Thanks for the comments on my temple design - I got rid of those pieces, and I think it's working much better now!

Kim Dietrich Elam on Jun 18 2011
Kim Dietrich Elam
  • Minted Feb 10, 2011
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Johanna - thank you so much for your supportive and constructive feedback on my "into our hearts" design...I've made lots of changes. If you have a minute, please check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Laura Hankins on Jun 03 2011
Laura Hankins
  • Minted Aug 13, 2008
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You are so sweet- thank you for the comment on my Jolly Holly Berries- it was my personal favorite of the ones I submitted, bummer! Oh well- onto birth announcements, right? :) Hope to see some more great designs from you this challenge- I loved your Very Merry at an Angle!

Shari Margolin on May 26 2011
Shari Margolin
  • Minted Nov 28, 2010
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Thanks for the comment Johanna! I changed his nose! =) How's the letterpress??

arbor corner studio on May 19 2011
arbor corner studio
  • Minted Apr 25, 2011
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Hey Meg! I have a little Sigwalt and just purchased a Samson (which is pretty rare). We got a steal on it and are actually picking it up this weekend (eek!). Eventually we would also like a C&P or a Golding Jobber (Drool)... maybe one day when we have settled back in the Midwest. PS. I love your style, you are so talented.

Moglea on May 19 2011
  • Minted Oct 6, 2009
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Welcome to Minted Johanna! I saw in the forum that you have a letterpress! Yay. What press(es) do you have?