Anna Cipollone

Anna Cipollone. Based in Boston, MA, US.

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Anna Cipollone on Nov 25 2013
Anna Cipollone
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Thanks! I noticed it afterwards when I looked down in the "just submitted:" and saw my design rotating multiple times. I figured out how to go in and delete all the extras. I was going crazy and couldn't understand while submitting, how all the names I chosen had been taken. lol

cadence paige design on Nov 23 2013
cadence paige design
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Hi Anna, I just noticed your design Lovey Dovey a bunch of times - same thing happened to me. I kept getting an error saying the name was already taken. Meanwhile it was posting it every time. You'll have to go into your Design Studio and delete each one so there aren't duplicates. :) Just thought I'd let you know since mine was doing the same. My one design posted 8 times. lol