Angela Pignataro

Angela Pignataro. Based in Seaford, NY, US.

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About Angela Pignataro

I'm Angela Pignataro, the owner and creative talent behind The AV Design Factory, located on the south shore of Long Island. My work is inspired by clean typography and simple design elements.

favorite artists

  • The Social Type
  • Float Paperie
  • annie clark
  • Milkmaid Press
  • Oscar & Emma
  • kelli hall


amanda lawrence on Feb 18 2019
amanda lawrence
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Hi Angela - thank you so much for your support and good luck on all your lovely entries in this challenge - Axx

Anna Elder on May 06 2015
Anna Elder
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Hi, thanks for your comment on my design Bubbly. I just wanted to reply about the usage. Cincin is often seen as is cin cin and chin chin is the Italian spelling. The French use is to so I wonder if cin cin isn't a French interpretation. Either way, both are used! Ha. If that's not confusing. I debated a lot on which to use and Google showed chin chin came up more. But I originally thought it was cin cin too. Anyway, thanks for your comment!