Andrea Van Voorst

Andrea Van Voorst. Based in Sioux Falls, SD, US.

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About Andrea Van Voorst

I truly adore designing stationery for the most memorable days in one’s lifetime and strive to create refined, vibrant designs that express the personality of the sender and create excitement for each celebration!

designs by Andrea Van Voorst

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  • The Social Type
  • Float Paperie
  • annie clark
  • Design Lotus
  • Oscar and Emma
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2birdstone on Sep 29 2011
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Thanks for your sweet note Andrea, you gave me the warm-fuzzies!

A. McDowell on Aug 31 2011
A. McDowell
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Your designs are absolutely fabulous. And I love your new photograph! :)

Christiane on Feb 26 2011

Hi Andrea! We LOVE LOVE LOVE your design and are about to order the Intricate design for our wedding. Is there any way to get in touch with you? We have a few different things we'd love see if you could custom design for our wedding? Our email is Thank you so much. Looking forward to hearing from you! Christiane & Eddie

nocciola design on Sep 14 2010
nocciola design
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Thank you for your comment, love your designs!

Laura Hankins on Sep 07 2010
Laura Hankins
  • Minted Aug 13, 2008
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Thank you so much for the sweet comment- it made my day! I've always loved your designs so it really means a lot to me to have such great feedback from you! Thanks again :)

The Social Type on Jun 14 2010
The Social Type
  • Minted Apr 17, 2008
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thanks so much for the nice comments Andrea! loved your submissions as well xoxo

Stacey Day on Jun 10 2010
Stacey Day
  • Minted Dec 4, 2008
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hey, andrea! you really are one of the sweetest people on minted and always seem to make my day :). thank you so much for your sweet message. i love love love your holiday designs. the red one with the big snowflake -- BEYOND gorgeous! i have always loved your work and style, and i know you are going to kick butt in this challenge. hugs!

Oscar and Emma on May 24 2010
Oscar and Emma
  • Minted Jun 2, 2008
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Hi Andrea... For some reason, I never saw your post on my designer profile page from Apr. 6 until today!! Thank you so much for your very sweet comment. It means the world to me. I absolutely adore your work, too. Congrats on being hired by Spark. Such a wonderful company!! I saw Valerie in NYC and she told me you started working for them. I told her to pass on my "Hello" to you ;) Good luck with everything and looking forward to seeing more of you fantastic designs! xoxo, Karly

Laura Coggins on Mar 15 2010
Laura Coggins
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Thanks for all the compliments!

Letter19Design on Feb 04 2010
  • Minted Jun 12, 2008
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Thank you for your wall posting, Andrea. What a compliment coming from you. All my best!

Frooted Design on Jan 27 2010
Frooted Design
  • Minted Aug 4, 2009
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Hi, Andrea! Thanks for your sweet comments. I love your elegant, creative designs and look forward to seeing more!

Maria E on Jan 25 2010
Maria E
  • Minted Aug 19, 2009
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Thanks Andrea for your sweet comments. It means alot coming from such a talented designer like you. I admire all your work.

GLEAUX Art Photo Design on Aug 02 2009
GLEAUX Art Photo Design
  • Minted Jun 13, 2009
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Andrea, you're so sweet - thanks for your great comments... I really respect your opinion : ) xo erika

Guess What Design Studio on Jun 26 2009
Guess What Design Studio
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Andrea, I'm very humbled by your wonderful compliment! I'm such a huge fan of your work, and I love your design aesthetic - very clean, versatile and modern! You're still in school, and you're so talented! I can't even imagine the design skills you'll have when you graduate! Killer stuff already! :)

GLEAUX Art Photo Design on Jun 16 2009
GLEAUX Art Photo Design
  • Minted Jun 13, 2009
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Hi Andrea - thanks so much for your note. You are so sweet, and your work is quite amazing.... Your style is consistently really clean and sophisticated - so inspiring. xoxo Erika

SunnyJuly on Feb 10 2009
  • Minted Aug 1, 2008
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Thanks so much for your lovely comment the other day. I really appreciate it coming from you since you are one of my favorite designers, I always look forward to seeing the designs you submit. So keep up the good work inspiring others with your talent.

amy on Nov 24 2008

Thanks, Andrea. I'm keeping an eye out (I think the contest ends today), but I know its a busy time of year. Best of luck with all your school work and your future as a designer! Cheers.

kelli on Nov 18 2008

Hi Andrea! Thank you so much for your nice comment! I consider it a huge complement coming from such a talented designer ; ) You have a beautiful sense of aesthetic and a seemingly innate sense of balance in all of your designs--i couldnt even begin to tell you all of your pieces i love!

Andrea on Nov 18 2008

Amy- Thank you so much for your message! I'm hoping I will be able to fit in a few designs for the next contest in between my school work ;) hopefully you will look for me, I would love to hear what you think! I truly appreciate your genuine message, it really means a lot to me and I am more than thrilled that you are enjoying my work and recognizing me. Thank you and you must be so excited to be featured in this contest!!! best of luck to you as well!

amy on Nov 17 2008

Hi Andrea, I don't know if you are entering the current "save the date" contest ... but I'm hoping you do! Before I was notified that I'd be one of the couples to serve as design inspiration, I noticed and loved a few of your previous submissions. You are very talented. I especially love the "intricate" circles. It's very modern while remaining formal. Plus, it has the potential to translate into our sapphire blue and deep teal color scheme! On a separate note, I also love your font selection on your "French Classic" submission. Very elegant, yet artistic. Best of luck with everything, you have fantastic style.

Andrea on Aug 01 2008

thanks so much Claudette, I am excited too! It was so fun designing for you!

Claudette on Jul 30 2008

Yay Andrea! I'm so excited that one of your designs made the cut - I loved ALL of them! You are so talented!