Amy Gray

Amy Gray. Based in Lawrence, KS, US.

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lulablu on Apr 14 2020
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hi amy- thank you for your recent like and your past likes...a little slow here. best to you- julie & jen

Marco Berrios on Apr 03 2020
Marco Berrios
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Amy amy amy, thank you for the like, best of the luck in the challenge. Marco

Von Sides on Apr 02 2020
Von Sides
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Amy, Your work is brilliant as usual! I'm so pleased you like my photography. Thanks and all the best, Von

Lisa Travis on Apr 01 2020
Lisa Travis
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Hi Amy, thank you for liking my diptych entry, I appreciate the support! Love your entry "Changing". best wishes, Lisa

MM20 on Mar 31 2020
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Thanks Amy for the like on my paintings. All the best~

Lucia Coppola on Mar 31 2020
Lucia Coppola
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Thanks for the like! Good luck at the challenge Amy!

Manuela BK on Mar 31 2020
Manuela BK
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Thanks for the like Amy! Best to you in the challenge!

Carol Barber on Mar 27 2020
Carol Barber
  • Minted Oct 23, 2019
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Love your work Amy! Thank you for the like of Breezy Afternoon.

Eric Ransom on Mar 27 2020
Eric Ransom
  • Minted Jan 18, 2016
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Thanks, Amy. Just trying to keep her comfy and happy. We actually cancelled a big round of tests today at the University of Illinois Pet Hospital - not an easy decision but it wasn't going to put us at an even greater advantage, just more knowledge. She had a great, clean bill of health just after Christmas. This blindsided me. Some lung, throat issues but steady with it. I'm just like you, often lack finding something I could dress up my store with as far photos or statement. Not my forte but I might try to chip away at it but I've said that 3 years in a row now LOL

Eric Ransom on Mar 27 2020
Eric Ransom
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Hi Amy, again, thanks for your comment and likes. I was just editing my artist statement on my profile (the one I had seemed kind of heavy) and was on track to go to your submissions but I'm not seeing anything for this challenge. It's a weird one - splitting things out into 2s or 3s or more is confounding and it's hard to see things just split up but after a while I guess it settles on me. I hope you have some pieces coming up quickly - deadline around corner, right?! But I always love your pieces and find inspiration with it. Hope you and yours are safe and well. My other older kitty is having major health issues all of a sudden so I'm bracing myself. Trying times!!!

Akweley Creative on Jan 07 2020
Akweley Creative
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Amy, Happy New Year and thanks for your support! Wishing you a prosperous year!

Eric Ransom on Oct 24 2019
Eric Ransom
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Hi Amy, I’m laughing again about that 2 steps into the litter box comment. I can relate, had a cat all through the college, found him at my mailbox on state line road in KC, and he had the worst litter box manners and that brought back memories. Mostly with going #1. We’re using our dog’s poop bags with our kittens stuff because they just go all the time and it’s potent. Our dog too is a terrier mix. Jack Russell and Beagle. She’s amazing! Our oldest cat, Adja, is 16 as well and is going strong despite having that dreaded thyroid condition for a couple of years now but it’s a very low grade so no real effects (yet!). Her sister developed diabetes and eventually succumbed to that last year and that was super hard to manage (one of the reasons I didn’t do much on Minted at the time). My wife plays in the Peoria Symphony though she nearly won a slot in the KC Symphony right after her UMKC stint and had she gotten that we would be in KC right now. Peoria is a nice regional outfit but it’s almost an hour away and really taxing on the rehearsals and performances but she enjoys it. I used to catch more of the concerts but the Harry Potter one this weekend is the most popular and everyone gets into it. Hey I wanted ask you - do you know Andy Goldsworthy, the artist/ sculptor? I’ve always known his work and got really excited about that wall he was creating at the Nelson Atkins which I just read is almost coming to an end. Wondered if it caught your attention. That museum is quite something! Ok, you have a great day, catch you later!

Me Amelia on Oct 23 2019
Me Amelia
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Hi Amy, Thank you so much for your likes on my submissions, it is much appreciated. I like very much your Fahrenheit and Atmospheric works. Best in the challenges.

Amy Hall on Oct 23 2019
Amy Hall
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Hi Amy, Thank you so much for the likes! I appreciate it. Best of luck. Your submissions are really great.

Eric Ransom on Oct 22 2019
Eric Ransom
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Hey there, Amy :) How’s it going? Fall settling in yet in Lawrence? Thanks for your like. I managed to squeeze in one more entry. Even if it doesn’t bode well, I enjoyed the process and maybe it’ll open up to something else. And thanks for your note the other day - I’m really sorry to hear about your recent loss of your dogs. That’s what happened to us - having lost one of our oldest cats just over a year ago. Never easy though having the new little guys has helped ease the loss. They are a handful and lots of fun. What kind of dog did you get by the way? The kids can’t get enough of the kittens though the litter box duty has fallen mostly to me as I predicted and it’s never ending. Our dog too loves them and got in sync with them right away. They play and entertain each other. Our other older cat, Adja, (a sister to the one we loss) is having a hard time adjusting to Taco and Jinx but it’s getting a bit better. My kids are doing well-psyched for Halloween and this weekend’s Harry Potter Symphony concert with movie (#2). My wife is performing (cello). Lots of great artwork in the challenge (I’ve plunked down just over 200 votes so I need to get busy and do some more). Best always, Eric

Benita Crandall on Oct 22 2019
Benita Crandall
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Thank you so much for the likes Amy! I love your art work! The minimalism and colors are beautiful!:-)

Courtney Crane on Oct 22 2019
Courtney Crane
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Hi Amy. Thank you for the likes. Your colorful work is so refreshing and uplifting. I have a niece attending KU. ;) Best in the challenges! - Courtney

jeanne smith on Oct 22 2019
jeanne smith
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  • 29977 Votes cast "popsicle party" thanks you for the like Amy:)

Marie Barletta on Oct 21 2019
Marie Barletta
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Thank you Amy for liking my “Colorful Berries” submission ! I appreciate your support! Best of luck to you as well with all of your lovely work!

Von Sides on Oct 21 2019
Von Sides
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Amy, Your paintings are just lovely! I am so pleased that you liked my "Primal Plants, three" All the best, Von

Kianartstudio on Oct 21 2019
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Thanks Amy for the like..! :) m new to minted ur love dor my art means a lot to me! :) @nazneenimran

Lucia Coppola on Oct 21 2019
Lucia Coppola
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Thank you for your like! I love your "atmospheric" piece.

Me Amelia on Oct 20 2019
Me Amelia
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Amy, Thank you so much for the like on my submission, it is much appreciated. I especially like your Fahrenheit work. Best in the challenge. Amelia

Rega on Oct 20 2019
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Hi Amy,Thank you so much for the likes on my entries !! Your paintings are always lovely <3 Wishing you the Best of luck on your beautiful works!

William Elledge Bowers IV on Oct 18 2019
William Elledge Bowers IV
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Thanks for the like on my 'Apart' piece. It really means a lot. You have some lovely pieces as well; 'Fahrenheit' has a beautiful movement about it! -ElBow