Amelia Kanan

Amelia Kanan. Based in Los Angeles, CA, US.

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About Amelia Kanan

Over the past 10 years, I have freelanced as a writer, photojournalist and video producer. The assignments have varied from Tanzanian orphanages to aerospace projects to the fine arts. I also continue to photograph families, couples, children and pets in their homes for stylized and candid portraits. I love meeting new people, learning their stories, and documenting them in a way that reflects their individuality.

favorite artists

  • Owl and Toad


Bethania Lima on Feb 15 2017
Bethania Lima
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Hi Amelia. Thank you for the like on "Ethereal drapes". Good luck on the challenge too!

Lisa Mann on Feb 13 2017
Lisa Mann
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HI Amelia, Thanks so much for the like on my painting Kissed by Spring. I LOVE your work. The Red Umbrella is fantastic!. Wishing you all the best here;).

Rega on Feb 12 2017
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Hi Amelia,Thank you so much for the like on my Fishtail Palm1 :) Your photography is fantastic.Best of luck on your beautiful entries :)

Hannah Lowe Corman on Feb 06 2017
Hannah Lowe Corman
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Amelia ~ Thank you for liking my West Elm submissions! Much appreciated! All the best, Hannah

Eric Ransom on Feb 01 2017
Eric Ransom
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Thank you for the "like", Amelia. All the best!

Shannon on Jan 31 2017
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Thanks so much for the likes Amelia, and welcome to Minted :) The colors in your "red, white, and blue" are quite stunning – and I love me a title that makes you think. The very best of luck with voting (almost 6000 entries!!), and have fun with all the challenges to come.