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Alex Elko. Based in San Francisco, CA, US.

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About Alex Elko Design

Artichokes and rutabagas look really cool when painted by Surrealists.

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  • The Social Type
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Camden on Aug 24 2017

Same question as below. Are you able to make maps of other cities?

Elizabeth on Dec 05 2016

Hello Alex! I have a similar question as below. Would you be open to doing a gold foil print of another city that isn't in the store? My email is I'd love to hear from you!

Megan on Jan 18 2016

Hi Alex, I love your work. I wanted to see if you'd consider a special project - I would really like a large gold foil map of Madison, WI to hang over my fireplace. Please let me know if you'd be willing to take that on! Thanks, Megan (

James on Jan 04 2016

Hi Alex, is there a way to contact you for info on a specific city map not showing on the website? Thanks- James (

Tara on Dec 06 2015

hi, is it possible to do a map of annapolis? How can i contact you?

Nicole on Nov 21 2015

Hi Alex! I love your gold foil maps also! I have the same question as Rachel below... do they come any larger than 11x14? Thanks!

Rachel on May 21 2015

Hi Alex! Love the Gold foil maps. I would be interested in Philadelphia and Chicago. Do you sell sizes bigger than 11" x 14"? I would like a bigger size for a large wall. Thanks!

Brooke Chandler on Apr 07 2011
Brooke Chandler
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Thank you for your wonderful comment on my Flowchart design for the Best of the Best Challenge, Alex. I really dig your style!

Sarah Knies on Mar 24 2011
Sarah Knies
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Hi Alex, I really liked your submissions for the +3 Holiday Challenge! Good Job!

Beth Schneider on Feb 23 2011
Beth Schneider
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Hi Alex. I received your comment on my No Games. Just Gifts. baby shower invite. It's totally meant to be light-hearted and geared towards the men who aren't into baby shower games. I'm sorry if you were offended! No harm meant!!! : )

Bella Expressions-Linda Birtel on Feb 21 2011
Bella Expressions-Linda Birtel
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Thanks for the feedback. Your style is fresh and unique.

nocciola design on Feb 02 2011
nocciola design
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Thanks so much for your comments :) I really dig your fresh and innovative designs and always look forward to seeing what you will do next!

Jana Volfova on Oct 22 2010
Jana Volfova
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hi alex, thanks for your comment. (re:carter) I totally know what you're saying... haha I caught this after I submitted the file but everyone seemed to be fine with it so we decided to keep it. let's just say it's a very unique lion...

Stacey Day on Jan 26 2010
Stacey Day
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hey, alex -- there's another plagiarist on the loose. someone is totally ripping off your design!

Design Lotus on Jan 09 2010
Design Lotus
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Hey Alex! Need your voice in the minted forum.

Jody Wody on Jul 28 2009
Jody Wody
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Hehe, thanks for your comment Alex. Made me laugh. :)

Nic on Apr 08 2009

I think you would benefit from little more attention to kerning and font choice

Sharon on Apr 02 2009
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You have some really nice work Alex.

Alex on Jan 27 2009


Amy on Aug 25 2008

Really appreciate your comments negative and positive... Be careful you might make someone cry. Or am I too late for that... Ha Ha

Angie on Jul 03 2008

Hey Alex! Love your designs!