Adejoke Adedeji

Joke Adedeji. Based in Surbiton, US.

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About Adejoke Adedeji

I was born in Nigeria but call three places home-Nigeria, USA and the UK. I am married to the love of my life and have two very awesome children. Always loved designing, its my way of expression and relaxation and currently teach children paper craft. Recently received a letter from the Queen for designs made by paper craft club sent for Her Majesty's Jubilee...I have tried many professions but the one I am most alive in is when I have a design brief to chew on...munch munch

favorite artists

  • Kristen Smith
  • Debb W


Christina Novak on Nov 01 2012
Christina Novak
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Love your bio!

Amber Barkley on Nov 22 2011
Amber Barkley
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Thanks Adejoke, for the wonderful comment! It made my day! :)

Debb W on Oct 14 2011
Debb W
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Hi Adejoke! How are you doing? Love the variety in your designs, looks like you are having fun! :)