Adult Party Decor Board 3


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posted by Weekends So Sweet on May 5, 2013
Weekends So Sweet
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Batik-The pretty palette and floral print on this banner make it an excellent choice for a mothers day lunch, brunch or tea party! Pretty Prints - The nice shade of blue off of white make this an clean and pretty banner for a variety of events. Glitz - The bold colors and anchor make this a classy but emotional choice for any coastal event or boat lovers birthday. Oh Lordy - I think the wink of humor and clean palette would make this an easy choice for many party decorators. Born to Be Forty - I like the bright colors and stars print in this banner and see it as an easy option for summer birthdays. Oh La La - The unique and pretty design hand on this banner makes it a great choice for a fashionista customer's Beaujolais, Bastille Day or wine and cheese party.