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This is a gold art by Alicia Abla called Copper Ferns 1.
Copper Ferns 1by Alicia Abla

This is a brown art by Maja Cunningham called I don't like my picture taken.
I don't like my picture takenby Maja Cunningham

This is a blue art by Keely Norton Owendoff called Self-Service.
Self-Serviceby Keely Norton Owendoff

This is a blue art by Lorent and Leif called Domino Effect.
Domino Effectby Lorent and Leif

This is a blue art by Sara Hicks Malone called peekaboo II.
peekaboo IIby Sara Hicks Malone

This is a green art by Kristine Sarley called Hard & Soft.
Hard & Softby Kristine Sarley

This is a white art by Ashleigh Ninos called Construct 9 .
Construct 9 by Ashleigh Ninos

This is a black and white art by Miranda Mol called Fuchsia 2 of 2 Diptych.
Fuchsia 2 of 2 Diptychby Miranda Mol

This is a blue art by Kayla King called Moving Mountains II.
Moving Mountains IIby Kayla King
Night Stripes IIby David Michuki
Emberleyby Parima Studio
Throughby Kamala Nahas
Days in Parisby Jessica C. Nugent
Cayucos Soft Waves by Lisa Sundin
Scottish Streamby Lisa Moore
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