Minted x Domino Round 2 Challenge: Special Prize Winners

Announcing the special prize winners from our Minted x Domino Round 2 Art Challenge! We’re thrilled we got to partner with  the much beloved interior design and lifestyle magazine, Domino. We share a passion for well-edited, innovative art and home decor. We turned to you to create modern, chic art prints that will provide the perfect complement to Domino’s fresh, design-forward style. We were impressed with the quality of work submitted to our first Minted x Domino art challenge, and we were blown away with the second time around! A huge congrats to all the winners!

Domino Editor’s Choice Award
For the piece that most captures the eye of Domino’s editorial team
Time Shapes Our Lands“ by Elena KuliKova

Avant-Garde Award
For the best edgy print that pushes boundaries
Exploration“ by Christina Flowers

Hit Me With Your Best Shot Award
For the best photographic art print
Soho“ by Kaitlin Rebesco

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Personal Stationery Challenge: Special Prize Winners

Announcing the special prize winners from our From the Desk of: Personal Stationery Challenge! We don’t think there’s anything more delightful than receiving a beautiful, handwritten note.  So we asked you, the talented Minted community, to dream up stationery designs that were unlike designs anywhere else. There were so many fresh and unique submissions in this challenge. Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up!

For the most modern and preppy design
Preppy Stripe“ by Ann Gardner

Runners-up: Spumante” by Chocomocacino | “Cornered” by Jessica Williams
Simple Nameplate” by Hooray Creative

For the most unique, original stationery design
Watercolor Dip“ by Baumbirdy

Runner-up: “Today’s Fruit” by Mel Armstrong

For the best design that would appeal to men
Initialed“ by Jessica Williams

Runners-up: “Modern Monogram” by Christina Novak | “Honorable” by Jennifer Postorino
Modern Madison” by Rebekah Cuff

For the best classic design 
Faded Flowers“ by Susan Moyal

Runners-up: Swirled” by Lena Barakat | “Polished” by Jessica Williams
Stamped Florals” by Hooray Creative

For the design with serious “wow” factor
Bursting Hello“ by Noah and Olivia

Runners-up: Biology” by Makewells | “Stella Multi” by Julie Murray
Handdrawn Pattern” by Hooray Creative

For the design that best showcases one of Minted’s unique shapes
Secret Garden“ by Stacey Meacham

Runner-up: Floral Monogram” by Hooray Creative

For the design with elements that truly shine in foil-pressed
Gilded Confetti“ by Stacey Meacham

Runners-up: Forget-Me-Not” by Faiths Designs | “Bold Bars” by Lena Barakat
Shine Bright” by Seven Swans

For the best design that uses curvilinear text 
to create unique shapes or unusual layouts
Hello Stamp“ by Heather De Long

Runners-up:Petals” by Qing Ji | “Classica” by Leah Bisch

For the best design from a designer winning for the first time
Fanciful Geometric“ by Casey Brock

Runners-up: Chef Notes” by Tefi Fleck | “Lost in the Wilderness” by Honey Hawk Design

Images created by Leah Conroy


Quickfire Custom Stickers Challenge: Special Prize Winners

For the announcement you’ve all been awaiting (for a very long time)…announcing the special prize winners from our Quickfire Custom Stickers Challenge! In this challenge, we asked you the talented Minted Community, to design unique, personalizable stickers for a wide range of uses. A huge congratulations to all the winners and runners-up!

For the best design for kids’ name labels
Kitty“ by Lori Wemple

Runners-up:”Vroom Vroom” by chocomocacino | “Little Doodles” by Jessica Williams
Fancy Dog” by August and Oak

For the most imaginative sticker design that
you wouldn’t find on any other site
Out to Sea“ by Shiny Penny Studio

Runners-up:”Kokeshi” by chocomocacino | “Stitched Love” by Laura Bolter Design
Looking Up” by Rebecca Bowen

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Minted Holiday Playbook Awards

Announcing the winners of our Minted Holiday Playbook Awards! Throughout November 2015, we looked to reward artists who had taken great initiative with their Minted Artist Stores. We had 7 categories from “Star Attraction” to “Social Butterfly” where artists could be nominated. A huge congrats to the winners! All winners will be receiving $250 Minted credit.

 Star Attraction Award
For the Artist Store with a Featured Products Bar that best integrates title, description,
and the selected products to grab a shopper’s attention.
Katie Craig

Runners up: Kamala Nahas | Alethea and Ruth

 Ready for my Close Up Award
For the Artist Store that does an excellent job of using photos
to tell their story in the ‘About Me’ carousel
Stephanie Nowotarski

Runners up: Oscar and Emma | Jocelyn Edin

 Tis The Season Self-Launch Award
To the artist who self-launches the best seasonal art,
holiday cards, gift wrap, or gift tags
Annie Brady

Snowy Trees Wrapping Paper

Silent Night, Holy Night Cards

Runners up: Lisa Revelli | Lauren Rogoff

 Social Butterfly Award
For the Minted Artist who does a stellar job creating engaging social posts
about their Minted products or Artist Store
Angela Marzuki

Runners up:  Carly Reed | Carrie O’Neal

Autobahn Award
Biggest traffic driver from October 1st through December 1st
Katie Craig

Runners up:  Julia Contacessi | Geek Ink

Student Driver Award
Newbie with most traffic to their Artist Store
Maja Cunningham

Runners up: Lyna TiBlair Stakey

100-Meter Dash Award
Most traffic to an Artist Store on Cyber Monday
Julia Contacessi

Runners up: Geek Ink | Shirley Lin Schneider

Published December 16, 2015 • Learn how to become a Minted artist here.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Happy New Year’s Challenge: Special Prize Winners

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…let’s get ready to toast to 2016! Each year we see New Year’s cards become a bigger trend among customers who are too busy having fun over the holidays. We asked you, our talented Minted community, to really wow the world with original designs that ring in 2016 with a bang! We’re raising our glasses to all the winners and runners-up – congratulations everyone!

For the most unconventional, unique design 
that you wouldn’t find on any other site

Diamond New Year“ by Chica Design

For the best way of displaying the numbers “2016 
2016“ by Cass Loh

Runners-Up: Bubbly” by Leah Bisch | “Glass of Bubbly” by GeekInk Design
Mid Century New Year” by Pistols

For the best clever, witty or funny card 
Bubbly Birth“ by Lori Wemple

Runner-Up: So Last Year” by Carolyn MacLaren

For the card that uses clever wording to 
reinvent the typical new year’s greeting 
Countdown to 2016!“ by Lily Metcalf

 For the most elegant, timeless new year’s design  
New Year Wishes“ by Erica Krystek

Runners-Up: Deco” by Fine and Dandy Paperie | “Classic Type” by Kelly Schmidt

For the best design that celebrates what’s
 new and exciting in someone’s life  
New Year, New View“ by Bethany Anderson

Runners-Up: From the Crib, No.9” by Frooted Design | “New Story” by GeekInk Design
Ringing” by Lauren Chism

For the best design that showcases multiple photos  
Intertwined“ by Ann Gardner

Runners-Up: Engraved Numerals” by Jennifer Wick | “Thatched” by Fig and Cotton Paperie

For the best full-bleed photo card 
Confetti Toss“ by Lehan Veenker

Runner-Up: Festive Flourish” by Kristie Kern

For the best design with elements
that would truly shine in foil
Gold Etched“ by Erica Krystek

Runners-Up: Gilded Pointillism” by Aspacia Kusulas | Jewel Frame” by Ana Sharpe
a-MAZE-ing” by Kissyfish

For the best design that puts personalizable details on a curvilinear path 
2016 New Year Swash“ by fatfatin

Runners-Up: Golden Cheers 2016” by Helen H Wu | Party Hats” by Hanna McShan

For the best design from a first-time entrant  
MMXVI“ by Tina Kuczaj

Images created by Leah Conroy

Celebrate Innovation Award – will be announced at a later date


“Gift of Art” Challenge: Special Prize Winners

We have found that Minted customers love to give the gift of art! In this challenge we looked to you, our talented Minted artists, to create the most original and unique artwork that would make the perfect gift. Thanks to all of you, the Minted site is now filled with beautiful custom artwork you can’t find anywhere else . Congratulations to all the winners!

Out of the Box Award
For the most creative giftable piece
Botanical Letter Series J“ by Grace Kreinbrink

Custom Photo Award: For the most artistic custom
photo piece that displays one photo
Metallic Dash“ by Makewells

Series Award
For the most unique idea for a series of art pieces
“Inked Typography – Mount Ranier“ by Linda Misiura

Cartography Award
For the most creative take on a map
Golden Cities 3“ by Amy Payne

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Design to Impress Challenge: Special Prize Winners

Just in time for the holidays, Minted pioneered a new printing technique that combines the unmistakable feel and luxury of letterpress with a digitally-printed photo card. We looked to you, our talented Minted community, to create modern designs in bold, vibrant colors that have never been seen before. We were blown away with how many imaginative and fun designs we received! They’re almost too beautiful to mail. Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up!

For the best design using bright, non-traditional colors
Chunky Type“ by Aspacia Kusulas

Runner-Up: Bright & Jolly! by Oma N. Ramkhelawan

For the best design featuring bold text or 
thick lines or design elements 
Floral Joy“ by Katharine Watson

For the design that best gives the impression of a full bleed photo
Pressed Pine“ by Jessica Williams

Runner-Up: “Much Joy” by Paper Dahlia

For the most unconventional, unique design in the
challenge that you couldn’t find on any other site

Pressed for Joy“ by Phrosne Ras

Runner-Up: Merry Graffiti by Lehan Veenker

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Announcing the Winner of our First Outside Art Challenge!

For the very first time, Minted is taking your art to the streets—our street! We hosted our first Outside Art Challenge in October 2015, and we were blown away with the number of fresh and modern submissions we received. Out of 342 submissions, we have one winner, 10 runners-up, and one Special Editors’ Prize.

We’re thrilled to announce that the winner, as voted by California voters, is “Wind in the City” by Yuke Li! “This is an image of wind passing by,” Yuke says. “When the wind blows, the dandelions fly.”


We just finished painting “Wind in the City” on Minted’s headquarters building this week. We are so excited to share it with all of you and our neighbors in San Francisco’s Jackson Square neighborhood, where indeed it can get windy! Check out the video below to see our blank wall turn into a beautiful canvas.


Save the Date Challenge: Special Prize Winners

Newly-engaged couples will soon be coming to Minted to search for unique and personal ways to announce their upcoming nuptials. We asked you, our talented Minted design community, to completely refresh our Save the Date assortment with a large number of truly exceptional new designs. We were blown away with the number of eye-catching and design-forward submissions in this challenge. Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up!

Collection Award: For the first time ever, we are awarding the ability to launch a full end-to-end wedding collection based on a winning Save the Date design. Each design below will receive a guaranteed full wedding suite collection, including a coordinating Wedding Website,Wedding Invitation, and Day Of pieces.

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Non-Photo Holiday Challenge: Guest Judge’s Pick

This holiday season, customers searching for a non-photo holiday-card design will be in for a treat! Our Minted community of artists dreamed up fresh holiday cards that feature strong typography, illustrations, and graphic design. Check out our guest judge’s pick!

We were so excited when Brittany Jepsen—designer, crafter, and stylist behind one our favorite blogs The House that Lars Built—signed up to help judge our ”Winter Wonderland Non-Photo Holiday Challenge.” Brittany’s favorite holiday-card design? The cheery, bright-yellow “Bursts and Swirls” by Genna Cowsert. Which makes complete sense, since Brittany is all about color (she pioneered the fun Insta hashtag #dresstherainbow).

Bursts and Swirls” by Genna Cowsert

“Everything about ‘Bursts and Swirls’ by Genna Cowsert expresses the exuberance of the meaning of the card, from the bright yellow to the jubilant typography. It’s a non-traditional
color to ring in the new year, which is both refreshing and enthusiastic.

—Brittany Jepsen, blogger of  The House that Lars Built

Congratulations, Genna! Check out more non-photo holiday-card designs here and click through below to see more prize-winning holiday cards from this year’s collection.

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