How To Display Your Holiday Cards: Fabric Cork Board

Chances are you’ve received lots of holiday cards from loved ones in the mail by now. Instead of letting them pile up on the kitchen counter, show ‘em off by displaying them on this clever fabric-covered cork board. This easy DIY project was created for us by the lovely Melissa Fallon of the fabulous blog Design Eat Repeat; it’s designed to look like a cute envelope with its heart-shaped seal (which also makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day—just keep it up until February rolls around, then swap out the holiday cards for valentines!).

How To Display Holiday Cards: Fabric-Covered Cork Board

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How To Display Holiday Cards: Fabric-Covered Cork Board

• 36″ x 24″ cork board
• 1 yard fabric (I used “Simple Daisy” by Elizabeth Victoria Designs)
• Hot glue gun and glue sticks
• White foam board
• Heart embellishment or red card stock
• Thumbtacks
Holiday cards (Designs featured here include: “Candle Warmth” by Laura Bolter Design, “O Holy Night” by Elly, ”Uh Oh” by Genna Cowsert, “Jingle Around the Clock” by Frooted Design, and “To the Moon” by Susan Brown)

How to Display Your Holiday Cards: Fabric-Covered Cork Board Tutorial


1. Start off buy ironing your fabric to remove any creases. Place fabric on floor (pattern side down) and place cork board on top. You will want a 3″ to 5″ overhang on all sides so that you can fold the fabric around the back. Before gluing, I like to use tape to lightly attach each corner of fabric to the back of the board, then flip around to ensure the pattern is lined up and going the direction I want it to.

2. Glue the fabric to the board, being sure to pull the fabric tight before adhering down each side. Once all four sides are glued down, flip over to check for any creases or bubbles, and finish glueing any part of the fabric that may need to be pulled tighter.

3. To create the envelope flap, cut a piece of white foam board into a triangle and attach to the top of the board with glue.

4. To finish, attach a wooden heart embellishment or red card stock heart to the center to create the envelope seal.

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