Stroller Traffic spots top holiday card trends

Stroller Traffic interviewed our CEO & Founder Mariam Naficy about the top holiday card trends we’re seeing here at Minted, where our holiday photo cards are even more popular than we could have ever anticipated!

A few of the other trends that Mariam mentioned didn’t make the final piece, but we thought you might be interested:

1. The folded-up-stuffed-inside-the-card holiday letter is SO OVER. Think instead of a chic reinvention of the holiday letter: We came up with a Yearline™ card that lets moms share the key highlights of their family’s year along a timeline with pictures and captions. This has really hit a chord with the moms who shop on our site – it is a chic version of the holiday letter.

2. A book as a card. Our brand new Minibook cards, are extremely popular. Our customers love to showcase each member of their family on a page with an update about what they’ve been up to this year—it’s a fresh take on the holiday newsletter. Our recipe Minibook holiday cards are also really catching on. They’re great because your card becomes a gift in itself. Families are including holiday cookie recipes or a favorite recipe from each family member or a favorite recipe from each season of the year.

Sweet Tooth Holiday Recipe Minibook by Oscar+Emma

Sweet Tooth Holiday Recipe Minibook by Oscar+Emma

3. Creative address labels, for big and small kids. Why not make your envelope as stylish as what’s inside? Why do address labels always have to look so boring? To meet the demand for fun address labels, we just launched our skinny-wrap™ address labels, including adorable ones for children. They give your card a fully coordinated look and are a great way to distinguish your holiday card in a sea of other cards, as well as make sure it’s not mistaken for junk mail. They also make for adorable stocking stuffers. We also offer white, kraft, and silver envelopes and our customers love them. They make the labels really pop and add to the recipient’s experience.

Our return address skinny wrap labels

Our return address skinny wrap labels

4. Happy New Year Cards. Instead of opting for the generic Happy Holidays wording, lots of families are instead choosing a Happy New Year message. It’s fun, festive and avoids the political correctness issue entirely. It also lets you leisurely address your cards and maybe even add a personal note after the Christmas rush. Our Hip New Year card is one of our top ten best sellers and it’s only November!

Annie Clarks Hip New Year Holiday Photo Card

Annie Clark's Hip New Year Holiday Photo Card

5. Sans Serif Fonts. Big, bold, simple text is very hot. Modern Love and Float + Peace are selling very well.

Modern Love Holiday Photo Card by Oscar+Emma

Modern Love Holiday Photo Card by Oscar+Emma

float+peace holiday non-photo card by Float Paperie

float+peace Holiday Non-Photo Card by Float Paperie

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