Christiana Hudson

Christiana Hudson. Based in San Antonio, TX, US.

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About Christiana Hudson

Christiana lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband and two boys. Inspired by vintage design combined with modern typography or layout, Christiana often draws from botanical illustration, classic textiles and modern interior design to include in her sketchbook. Travel and design are her passions, combining the two = bliss. Dinners outside, sweet tea, a powder day, and French pastry also make her very happy.

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Carol Fazio on Feb 08 2012
Carol Fazio
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hi christiana, sure you can email me at Running to a meeting now so I might not be able to respond for a couple of hours.

Simply Shira on Feb 01 2012
Simply Shira
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I really admire your work!

Karen Robert on Sep 19 2011
Karen Robert
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Christiana, I like all of your designs. I'm a newbie and you are my first favorite...

Simone Klein on Sep 15 2011
Simone Klein
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Hey! I was just looking to see what everyone else was submitting and I was going to comment on one of your designs, but then I realized that there were a whole bunch of yours that I loved! My favorites are the vintage Elf & Co and the Hanukkah Star, love the textures, look and colors! Nice work! :-)